Seadragon Backpackers, Brighton

This hostel was such a relief after the first shock of the B&B Guest-house. The first thing you’ll notice when entering the place that it is tiny and cute. Reception is basically just a little desk in the living room area. It’s all very bright, colourful and tidy. The staff is very nice and approachable.

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It’s not a big hostel, maybe around 25-30 people, which makes it quite cosy & quiet. The rooms are very nice, there is enough space and natural light. It looks like it’s been recently renovated. There are showers in each floor. They are clean, there is space and you don’t really have to wait more than couple of minutes to get in. As I mentioned, they have a living room area, with a big TV, and a Netflix account.There are also some lockers, board games and books. Perfect for an afternoon tea, lazy morning or some evening chilling. They have wi-fi but unfortunately it doesn’t reach the rooms at the top floor. Nor the basement level, where you can find the kitchen. They have one big fridge for everyone to use and all the necessities for cooking: Amazing selection of spices, utensils, pots and frying pans. This is where you have your breakfast, which is included in your stay. It is absolutely worth it. There is a selection of bread and jams, plus eggs, butter and cereal. You can make a very decent breakfast out of these ingredients!

Location of the hostel is also a big plus! Not far from the center and very close to the beach! This hostel is perfect to stay when travelling alone, or with friends, even with family! I really think it’s suitable for all and can accommodate all the needs. It’s not bad for people travelling alone, but if you are looking for social life, and drinks and party with your hostel mates, there are more suitable hostels for that in Brighton. On the other hand, if you just wanna have a quiet, comfortable couple of days with only some people to share space, this is your must go place! 

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