Years and Years

Preview – Years and Years (my pic)

Finally, it’s been announced, the new drama from the Master himself, Russell T Davies is coming to your telly on 14 May!!!! I am so very excited about this, as I had the opportunity to watch already the first episode at the BFI Radio and Television Festival in April. My review of Years and Years is the following: It is bloody fantastic, you should all watch it!!

What is Years and Years? If you ask me, I would say that it’s a spiced up family drama, with some extraordinary elements of a political series, stirred with a dash of dystopian components. If you ask Russell T Davies, he says:
It’s a family saga, about an ordinary Manchester family. The story starts in 2019 and goes forward 15 years. So you see where we’re heading. History and society seems to be mad at the moment, it seems to be quite a fevered time. So it’s trying to capture that, it’s trying to guess where we’re going.”

Emma Thompson as Vivienne Rook

And who is helping in telling the story of where we are headed? Emma Thompson. Dame Emma Thompson plays Vivienne Rook, an outspoken, controversial politician who may or may not been based on some real life public figures. Rory Kinnear, Russell Tovey, Jessica Hynes, Ruth Madeley, Anne Reid, T’Nia Miller play the members of the Lyon family. It is a hugely talented cast, I love each and all of them. Amazing performances. The characters are all brilliant, you instantly care for them and connect with them.

The first episode is everything you would expect from Russell T Davies and a bit more. If you are familiar with his work, if you are a whovian, you will feel right away that this show is his creation. It’s big, it’s loud, it’s messy, it’s full of interesting personalities and it’s absolutely mesmerising. The writing is phenomenal and the music goes so smoothly and perfectly with each scene that it becomes one of the significant elements of telling the story.

Being at the preview screening at the BFI gave me the opportunity to meet some of the cast and have to tell you that they are just the loveliest people. I got to talk to them a little bit and they are all very excited about Years and Years and were happy to mingle with the fans. Lucky me, even managed to get the autograph of Russell T Davies and have a little discussion about the show. He is the sweetest gentlemen you can meet. He is chatty, genuinely excited and just very funny. He and the cast made this night very special and I am very grateful for this experience 🙂

I really loved this episode and the cast so if you can, please watch the first episode, support them and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

I am uploading a few videos to my Youtube channel, please check it out. You can hear what Russell T Davies had to say about the show, and there are some stories shared from the cast. Not everything is uploaded yet as I don’t want to spoil anything, so check it again after the first episode aired!

Share more soon, be kind to yourself and others! A

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