“Stay afraid but do it anyway.”

So today I’ve done one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life… I went to a primary school with a fellow Human Rights Speaker and we taught 6 classes on refugees and Human Rights. It was a very scary thought to stand in front of 30 young people (aged 5-11) & teach them in a language that’s not my native. Mentally it was a challenging task to prepare but as Carrie Fisher once said; 

“Stay afraid but do it anyway.”

And I’m so happy that I did. I’m very grateful for the school, for inviting us & for my speaker buddy who helped me feel comfortable and confident at the beginning of our session. I learnt so much from her and the amazing young people who I met today. Education is a human right and we all should have access to it. If you give the young the opportunity they will shine. They are incredibly bright and resourceful. They care and if you listen to them, they will also teach you a thing or two!

It was absolutely fantastic having a conversation about gender, freedom, education with such young people. They were aware of the unfairly treatment of transgender people and how their rights are not respected. They told me that it is very important to know that there is difference between an asylum seeker, a migrant and a refugee. They knew and understood the concept of discrimination and they were all very inclusive and intelligent. It was such a refreshing atmosphere, full of hope and laughter.

They will change the 🌍 We just need to guide them through their journey from time to time. 💙

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