Thank you P!nk

Last year I made a promise to myself. I am gonna be brave and I will do a bunch of things that scare me, but which are also going to help me and my life, moving forward. Since then, I went to see Michelle Obama and I learnt that the phrase I was looking for is: ‘I needed to Michelle up’.

So, I moved to another country, I met and talked to one of my idols and I became a Human Rights Speaker. And let me tell you, that the hardest part was, teaching my first class. It was one of the scariest things, I’ve ever done in my life. Going into a classroom in England, and teach about refugees and human rights to young people whose first language is English while for me it’s the second…it’s nerve-wracking. I have not yet mastered how to seem confident when standing in front of a class. But I did it anyway. I went to a primary school, taught 6 classes and had a blast. I wrote about this experience here.

Now, the “only” thing left on my to do list, was coming out. You see, I am pansexual and I didn’t know I was part of the LGBTQIA+ until my thirties basically. Those years weren’t the easiest part of my life. I was struggling with depression, I had a very difficult time fitting in and then I also started embracing/learning about my sexuality. This was a rather challenging couple of years and it took me a lot of effort to survive and come out of it (Pun intended). I was lucky tho and with the help of my little support system, I managed to win this fight. I came out to my friends, some part of my family and I started to turn my life around. Moving to the UK was a significant part of this journey. But I did move without telling my parents who I really am.

Pink – Liverpool

And then, P!nk announced her tour!!!! Me and my Mum are loyal fans since the beginning of her career so I knew I needed to get tickets for this concert and I needed to bring my Mum to the UK to go and see P!nk. All was in motion in a couple of minutes. We got tickets for the Liverpool concert, we booked her flight and we started to plan the holiday. And it made me realise. I was looking forward to see P!nk in one of her tours for basically half of my life and it means the world to me, so…I don’t wanna go to the concert without coming out to my Mum.

If P!nk taught us fans, one thing is how to embrace who we are and she always inspired us to be proud of who we are. Her journey, her personality and her honesty is encouraging and I didn’t want to dishonour the meaning of all this and attend the concert without not owing up to this message. So I came out to my Mum. It went all right, I guess. Could have been much worse. It wasn’t pleasant nor happy but it wasn’t horrible either. We certainly have a journey ahead of us. Lots of conversation and learning together could help to evolve. I am unsure if it will, but I stay hopeful and the future will tell.

I just would like to thank P!nk for her music, and her presence and for everything she does. She stands up for people who can’t stand on their own, she gives strength to people who don’t have it and she changes people’s life by fighting the good fight. She certainly did change mine and I hope, one day I can meet her & tell her in person how much this meant to me.

Pink, you are fantastic, thank you for helping me navigate through this life and making me feel better when I thought there is literally nothing and no one who is capable of doing that!

Check out my Youtube Channel if you wanna see good quality videos from the concert in Liverpool!

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