The Beatles and The Cavern Club – Liverpool

Liverpool’s Cavern Club opened on 16 January 1957 as a jazz club, later becoming a centre of the rock and roll scene in Liverpool in the early 1960s. It is the cradle of British Pop Music. Impressively, 60 years after it’s foundation, it survives and thrives as a contemporary music venue.

The Beatles first played here on Thursday 9 February 1961 and after this performance they made another 291 appearances at the club.

The Cavern Club – Stage

The Cavern Club celebrated its 60th year in 2017 and their ethos has very much been about the Past, Present and Future. The events celebrate the history of the Cavern with brilliant tributes to the past while also giving an opportunity for new artists to exhibit their music.

Disclaimer: All information is taken from their website and Wikipedia. Pictures are mine.

The Beatles

We visited the Cavern in June 2019 and luckily attended their morning tour which was absolutely fabulous. The tour is led by Dale who is extremely knowledgeable about everything Beatles and Liverpool, while being kind and entertaining. The tour is about 45 minutes long, and you can take a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Club, plus you can learn some interesting facts about Matthew Street and the history of music in this legendary venue. I don’t wanna spoil the whole tour but rest be assured, the best part is to enter the Cavern through the original entrance (closed to the general public) only to then go up on the front stage for a photo!

The Cavern

Oh, yeah…Have I mentioned that this whole tour is free?! Yes, you heard me. All this cool experience and unique opportunity can be enjoyed by just singing up on their website. And if you ever wanted to know anything about The Beatles or their history in Liverpool, go and chat with your tour guide after the tour is finished. We had a great conversation about how and why The Beatles became this iconic, legendary band. Long story short, I learnt a LOT!

You can also contact Dale if you want to discuss some personalized tours/parties in Liverpool. Dale’s BLOG and INSTA.

You can check out my Youtube page for some mind-blowing Beatles covers I heard while having a pint or two at the Cavern 🙂

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