Knowing If You’re Bi, Pan, Or Another LGBTQ Identity Can Be A Lifelong Process, According To LGBTQ Folks

While a lot of narratives about LGBTQ folks center the coming out experience as a singular act, many LGBTQ people will tell you that coming out is in no way a singular process; in fact, the LGBTQ label you identify with may change throughout your life, and that’s totally OK.

As knowledge about different queer identity labels spread, people gain access to more and more ways to describe themselves accurately. But you don’t have to buy into the anti-historical, often cisheteronormative, point of view that emerging LGBTQ+ labelsare ‘new inventions of a younger generation.’ Instead, you should know that a large variety of labels have been created throughout history to define and identify a vast diversity of queer experiences. Trans researcher and author Alex Myles refutes the idea that ‘new labels’ are ‘new phenomena,’ reminding queer communities in a 2018 Slate article that without growing our queer vocabulary(which the rest of society does all the time), we risk alienating those who need the community the most.

Read the Full Article at Bustle’s website

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