A weekend in Nottingham

On an important note, travelling on a budget in the UK starts with planning in advance. You can use Trainline and setup email alerts for early released tickets to any destination you would like to travel, at least 4 weeks in advance.

Disclaimer: I am in love with Nottingham. I spent a long weekend there and I am absolutely charmed by the whole atmosphere that surrounds this cute city in the UK. I tried to do as many things as possible and in this post I will tell you on which day what I’ve been up to. This should give you some ideas on what to do when visiting Nottingham.

Don’t worry, I will create individual posts, where I tell share some more details on how, what and why 😀


Day 1

Check in – Igloo Hostel My review

Matinee and Evening Show with some drinks at the Nottingham Playhouse

An Enemy of the People with Alex Kingston

Day 2

Climate Change Protest

Lunch at Sexy Mamma Love CicchettiMy post

Specialty Coffee Shop

Five Leaves Bookshop My post

The Curious Tavern My post

Pit & Pendulum

Day 3

Hartleys Coffee & Sandwich Bar

ThunderCat Tattoo Salon

Bookwise Secondhand ShopMy post

We are Cow – independent vintage clothing and accessories retailer offering a sustainable alternative to fast fashion

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem – England oldest pub

Mowgli Street Food

Day 4

Joe’s Tin Tin Shop

Nottingham Castle

Forbidden Planet

Fothergills – Sunday Roast

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