Lungs – Old Vic Theatre

Lungs is a play for our time. It’s a thought provoking climate change drama with often poignant scenes. The opening act welcomes us in the middle of a freak out session between our characters, played Matt Smith and Claire Foy. It sets the tone for the remaining 80 minutes of hilarious, emotional, hectic and gut-punching minutes we will go through.

Matt Smith signing

I haven’t seen the Crown – nor will I ever – but I am a huge Doctor Who fan, and this has nothing to do with what I am about to say but Matt Smith and Claire Foy show us masterclass acting. Their chemistry is fantastic, their comedic timing is flawless and one of Matt Smith’s monologues – that he delivers while lying on the floor – sent chills down on my spine. Duncan MacMillan’s two-hander asks us the big questions; Are we good people? Are we doing enough to preserve this planet? Should we be afraid of the future? Am I feeling guilty? Shouldn’t everyone feel guilty?

Lungs is running until 9th November, go and grab a ticket, it’s worth it.

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