Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti

When I looked up places to eat in Nottingham, one of my first choice was Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti. I could live on Italian food for the rest of my life, so I do often go to Italian restaurants, wherever I travel.

Now that’s said, I am also living in a magical world, and sometimes I just wonder into places, assuming that they are the ones I was looking for. And I don’t realise that they are indeed not…

In this particular scenario, I walked into a restaurant, got surprised by the completely different menu, but still proceeded to order and had a very nice lunch. Still not realising I am at Sexy Mamma Love Cicchetti.

You see, I was expecting to eat some traditional Italian food, however this place is specialises in Cicchetti, which in the Venetian language means, small side dishes. They originate from Venice, Italy.

Therefore my restaurant obviously had a standard menu with Antipastis & Small Plates accompanied with a daily chalkboard showing today’s specials. I was a bit surprised but also rather intrigued so I ordered a glass of Italian red and a decent selection of food.

I would like to highlight that at this point I’ve spent a good 15 minutes in the restaurant and other than a couple at a nearby table, I was the only other customer. I travel alone, so sometimes dining alone can be awkward. Staff can make you feel uncomfortable with their behaviour. They pity you, make you feel like you are a weirdo or just generally give you ‘The Face’ when you ask for a table for 1. But luckily this was not the case here, everyone was really lovely and kind.

Pane, Aceto Balsamico e Olio d’oliva

I tried 3 different plates;

  • Bread with Balsamic & Olive Oil
  • Buffalo Mozzarella with Heritage Tomato
  • Deep Fried Risotto Balls filled with Mozzarella
Mozzarella Arancini

Everything was delicious. The bread was fresh, the buratta was soft and tasty, and the Arancini tasted like the ones I tried in Italy. I was satisfied with the service and everything I ordered. I would certainly recommend this place, for a quick bite during the day or for evening drinks with some delicious snacks.

Ps: I definitely need to go back to Nottingham and try Sexy Mamma Love Spaghetti because it is making me crazy that I didn’t 😀

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