Mercato Metropolitano to open new site at Mayfair

Mercato Metropolitano is a movement of everything that is natural and sustainable, ensuring access to nutritious and adequate food for everyone. They bring together natural, traceable and unadulterated food, presented on recycled, simple and natural serving-ware. The focus is on the products, artisan producers and customers rather than on luxurious settings, creating the first truly sustainable and inclusive community markets.

They started with a pilot project in 2015 during the World Expo in Milan, regenerating a 150,000 sq.ft. disused railway station. The development of the first Mercato Metropolitano was carefully planned to retain the site’s original appearance, which nurtured the local community’s affection for a special part of their urban history. (x)

Now, they are opening up their second location in London, in a restored church at Mayfair. Mercato champions local communities by using locally-sourced, natural ingredients when possible. Below you can find their manifesto, but you should also check out their website to learn more about these statements;

  • The right to food
  • Food Sovereignty
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Food as it should be
  • Creating Community
  • Small is Beautiful
  • Educating and Empowering Citizens

The doors open 6 November, and I shall check this out on the 7th. Let me know if you are around and let’s grab a bite together.

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