The Theatre Event of the Year

Ian McKellen on stage.

Ian McKellen on stage is the closest you get to an autobiography by this amazing human being. He is not interested in writing up his life journey but he is quite excited to share it. With you. With the audience. On stage. For a limited run.

Not the best pic, but a pic…

The play is around 2,5 hours long, with an interval. The play is basically a love letter to theatre. Sir Ian McKellen talks about the history of British theatre, growing up, getting into acting, being gay under the Thatcher government and of course Shakespeare. There are some candid stories about Lord of the Rings and some casual name dropping of UK’s finest. It’s a mixture of goodness and greatness. Performed by this legend, who just genuinely really really really loves theatre and he is very excited that you do, too.

I read somewhere a review that said, “It’s a privilege to be alive and to be able to see this play” and I wholeheartedly agree.

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