Hampstead is an affluent residential community long favoured by academics, artists, and media figures. Hampstead Heath has meadows, woodland, and swimming ponds, plus city views from Parliament Hill. (x)

I particularly enjoy walking around in this neighbourhood, searching for cosplay outfits and visiting the Independent Bookshops.

  1. Just opposite the Hampstead tube station, was my first destination of the day, the Oxfam Book Shop. They stock a wide selection of books from modern fiction, travel and leisure to more specialist subjects such as Art, History, Literature and rare & collectable books. They also have music department stocking CDs, DVDs, Sheet Music and good quality vinyl selection of various genres.
  2. Then I wondered on Flash Walk, and discovered Keith Fawkes‘ shop with its vintage home-ware and books and Exclusive, a vintage and second hand designer shop.
  3. By the end of my scroll, I was walking down South End Road, where I quickly checked out Daunt Books. It is a chain of bookshops in London, founded by James Daunt and traditionally it specialised in travel books.

High Street culture is one of my favourite perks of London. Anytime I visit a new district, I just get lost on its High Street and the connected little street to discover the best of charity shops, entertainment, food and retail varieties.

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