David Tennant – March 4 Women

David Tennant read the testimony of John Clough at the March4Women event John Clough is the UK ambassador of White Ribbon. White Ribbon was founded in 2005 and their mission is to end male violence against women, once and for all. For more information on the organisation, please visit their website. John Clough’s daughter was murdered by his ex-boyfriend after he was released on bail while facing Nine counts of rape and sexual assault. Before Jane could testify in front of the court, her ex-partner stalked her, and killed her. Mr. Clough started the ‘Justice for Jane’ campaign and is … Continue reading David Tennant – March 4 Women


WHAT IS INTERSECTIONAL FEMINISM?  The term ‘intersectional feminism’ is still new in Vietnam, to the extent that 10 out of 10 girls started googling it when I asked! But the concept is easy to understand. By its dictionary definition, intersectionality is the idea of the interconnected nature of social categorisations such as race, class, gender, sexuality and ability etc. These categorisations or identities result in overlapping systems of discrimination or disadvantage. To simplify, when you look at a person, there are many different facets that you need to take into consideration to understand their position, power or privilege. So, when … Continue reading HOW TO BE AN INTERSECTIONAL FEMINIST

8 Things You May Not Know About Rosa Parks

7. PARKS WAS THE FIRST WOMAN TO LIE IN STATE AT THE U.S. CAPITOL. After Park died on October 24, 2005 at the age of 92, she became the first woman to lie in state, a tribute usually reserved for statesmen and military leaders. More than 30,000 filed by her casket to pay their respects. READ the Article Continue reading 8 Things You May Not Know About Rosa Parks