How to stand up for our environment and for our planet

My peculiar journey on an uncharted territory – Step 2 The first part of this writing can be found here and its about the first steps of how to make a household more environment friendly. As 2020 is upon us, I set up some goals on how to continue supporting the environment and reducing the harm we cause. Love your High Street, buy locally, support your community. Reduce Single Use Plastic Support Independent bookshops, Charity Shops Reduce meat consumption 1. Support Independent bookshops, Charity Shops Shopping in charity shops is a more environmentally and socially responsible choice. By selling second … Continue reading How to stand up for our environment and for our planet

Gay’s The Word

Gay’s The Word is one of the most iconic places of queer history in the capital. This independent bookshop opened on January 17th, 1979 and it was founded by LGBT+ socialist group Gay Icebreakers. Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners held their first meetings in Gay’s The Word which secured its iconic place in the LGBTQ+ movement. Within these wall you will find fiction, non-fiction, history, politics, graphic novels, travel, poetry, children, young adult magazines and erotic books. The selection is pretty impressive, however this was not always the case. As you might imagine, being a gay bookshop in the … Continue reading Gay’s The Word

Five Leaves & Bookwise Secondhand Shop

When I travel one of the things on my must do list is exploring the local, independent bookshops. I do some research, go visit and buy some books. Also, I keep being loud about supporting local businesses. So when I was in Nottingham, I visited two bookshops; Five Leaves and Bookwise Secondhand Shop Five Leaves Publications was set up in 1996 and has published around 200 literary, political, social history and other titles, including a strong Jewish list and books for young adults. The bookshop opened in 2013 with a strong emphasis on independent publishing. – For more details go … Continue reading Five Leaves & Bookwise Secondhand Shop