How to stand up for our environment and for our planet

My peculiar journey on an uncharted territory – Step 2 The first part of this writing can be found here and its about the first steps of how to make a household more environment friendly. As 2020 is upon us, I set up some goals on how to continue supporting the environment and reducing the harm we cause. Love your High Street, buy locally, support your community. Reduce Single Use Plastic Support Independent bookshops, Charity Shops Reduce meat consumption 1. Support Independent bookshops, Charity Shops Shopping in charity shops is a more environmentally and socially responsible choice. By selling second … Continue reading How to stand up for our environment and for our planet

Carnaby Street – Christmas Lights

In collaboration with ocean conservation charity Project ZERO, this year’s light installation is like no other. The iconic Carnaby Street arch is adorned with the powerful message, One Ocean One Planet and the streets are lit up with theatrical underwater scenes and sea creatures. (x) Sustainability is at the heart of the light installation, with every element using recycled, repurposed or reusable materials including water-based, eco-friendly, vegan paint. Following Christmas, the installation will be donated to Project Zero to be re-used.  Carnaby is home of more than 100 shops, and 50 independent restaurants and bars. The area is hidden between Picadilly Circus – … Continue reading Carnaby Street – Christmas Lights

How to make my household more environment friendly?

Okay, I’m going to be honest here. We all need to change the way we are living if we want our planet to survive. We need to do much better, we need to put more effort in living a more sustainable life. But how? How one does start? I moved to the UK a year-ish ago and I am still figuring a lot of things out. There isn’t really a good brochure on things that are just everyday little things that we should all know about but guess what…we don’t. I am always surprised and amazed by the opportunities we … Continue reading How to make my household more environment friendly?