John Barrowman: Doctor Who creator Russell T Davies gave ’emotional depth’ to LGBT characters

“At pop culture conventions all over the world boys and girls, men and women cosplay as Captain Jack, embracing the progressive humanist values Russell imbued in Jack.” John Barrowman added: “Russell is a man of passion and compassion, a man with a big laugh and a generous heart, a bold thinker, a feminist, and a very tall man. “He’s a writer who believes in the power of the imagination to create change in the world. And he has. Russell has said he only ever wanted to make ‘good telly,’ and he does… over and over again.” Read the full article … Continue reading John Barrowman: Doctor Who creator Russell T Davies gave ’emotional depth’ to LGBT characters

Lungs – Old Vic Theatre

Lungs is a play for our time. It’s a thought provoking climate change drama with often poignant scenes. The opening act welcomes us in the middle of a freak out session between our characters, played Matt Smith and Claire Foy. It sets the tone for the remaining 80 minutes of hilarious, emotional, hectic and gut-punching minutes we will go through. I haven’t seen the Crown – nor will I ever – but I am a huge Doctor Who fan, and this has nothing to do with what I am about to say but Matt Smith and Claire Foy show us … Continue reading Lungs – Old Vic Theatre

Years and Years

Finally, it’s been announced, the new drama from the Master himself, Russell T Davies is coming to your telly on 14 May!!!! I am so very excited about this, as I had the opportunity to watch already the first episode at the BFI Radio and Television Festival in April. My review of Years and Years is the following: It is bloody fantastic, you should all watch it!! What is Years and Years? If you ask me, I would say that it’s a spiced up family drama, with some extraordinary elements of a political series, stirred with a dash of dystopian … Continue reading Years and Years