The Theatre Event of the Year

Ian McKellen on stage. Ian McKellen on stage is the closest you get to an autobiography by this amazing human being. He is not interested in writing up his life journey but he is quite excited to share it. With you. With the audience. On stage. For a limited run. The play is around 2,5 hours long, with an interval. The play is basically a love letter to theatre. Sir Ian McKellen talks about the history of British theatre, growing up, getting into acting, being gay under the Thatcher government and of course Shakespeare. There are some candid stories about … Continue reading The Theatre Event of the Year

A conversation with Ian McKellen – National Student Pride

I updated this post with a new video from the Ian McKellen interview. You can also find it on my Youtube Channel! No labels. No flags. I am what I am. And if we could just get that into our heads that we accept someone regardless of what they look like or where they were born or what their accent is or what their sexuality might be or is going to be… IAN MCKELLEN I was at the National Student Pride last Saturday at the Westminster University and I have to tell you, it was a blast! Thank you for everyone involved with … Continue reading A conversation with Ian McKellen – National Student Pride