Death of a salesman – Opening Weekend

It’s the opening weekend for Arthur Miller’s Death of a salesman at the West End! Leading the cast is Wendell Pierce & Sharon D Clarke, meeting them was an absolute honour.After the play I was rather emotional and discussing the play with the cast was the best perk. Death of a salesman is THE BEST play I’ve ever seen.The music, a mix of jazz, blues & gospel sets the atmosphere of the room. The casting is exceptional and the set is stunning. I wasn’t familiar with the story and this production brought me to tears 4 times in 3 hours. … Continue reading Death of a salesman – Opening Weekend

Letters Live – London, October 2019

Last night I went to the Royal Albert Hall, to attend – for the first time ever – Letters Live in London. Letters Live is a live celebration of the enduring power of literary correspondence. Each show always features a completely different array of great performers, reading remarkable letters written over the centuries and from around the world. One of the joys of Letters Live is that one never knows who is going to take to the stage or what letter they are going to bring alive. Letters Live has brought to the stage letters written by people as varied as David Bowie, Marge Simpson, Mohandas Gandhi, … Continue reading Letters Live – London, October 2019

Dishoom – London

Let me tell you, that finding a special breakfast/brunch place in London, that opens actually early-ish on the weekend, is not as easy as one would think. Most brunch places open around 11-12 o’clock! However, Dishoom opens at 9 am, and serves the most amazing breakfast dishes with some nice coffee/unlimited chai tea. THE OLD IRANI CAFÉS of Bombay have almost all disappeared. Their faded elegance welcomed all: courting couples, sweaty taxi-wallas, students, artists and lawyers. Fans turned slowly. Bentwood chairs were reflected in stained mirrors, next to sepia family portraits. Opened early last century by Zoroastrian immigrants from Iran, there … Continue reading Dishoom – London

Patients will be able to speak to gender identity clinic over Skype in radical plan to meet demand

An NHS gender identity clinic for children and young people is experimenting with Skype appointments to help meet growing demand. The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), based in London and Leeds, is the only specialised service in the UK for children and young people up to 18 years old. In recent years the service has seen an “unprecedented increase” in its number of referrals. As a result, the average waiting time for an initial appointment currently stands at between 22 and 24 months. In an attempt to tackle these long waiting times, and to help families who face a lengthy … Continue reading Patients will be able to speak to gender identity clinic over Skype in radical plan to meet demand

September Program

Shakespeare a bit differently… At a basement. In Alexandra Palace… For the first time in the 150 year history of Alexandra Palace, its basements will be opened for a theatrical performance by immersive theatre mavericks, RIFT. RIFT have produced Shakespeare in usual locations for the last ten years, most notably; The Tempest over six months from an East London Shop, and Macbeth, overnight at the Balfron Tower in Poplar. These interpretations use formal experimentation to lay their plays bare and explore them from the inside out. Midsummer Night’s Dream is no different, RIFT utilise the cavernous atmosphere of the basement … Continue reading September Program

Kiss My Gender Part 2

Transexual empire is one of the number of recent works by the artist that deal with conspiracy theories circulating on the internet. Mapping what the artist describes as ‘the productive chaos of contemporary identity politics’ Huxtable’s poster sized print offers a cacophony of slogans, symbols and paranoid arguments by ‘truthers, trolls, wiki warriors and bots’ each one vying for attention. Continue reading Kiss My Gender Part 2