The Beatles and The Cavern Club – Liverpool

Liverpool’s Cavern Club opened on 16 January 1957 as a jazz club, later becoming a centre of the rock and roll scene in Liverpool in the early 1960s. It is the cradle of British Pop Music. Impressively, 60 years after it’s foundation, it survives and thrives as a contemporary music venue. The Beatles first played here on Thursday 9 February 1961 and after this performance they made another 291 appearances at the club. The Cavern Club celebrated its 60th year in 2017 and their ethos has very much been about the Past, Present and Future. The events celebrate the history … Continue reading The Beatles and The Cavern Club – Liverpool

Thank you P!nk

Last year I made a promise to myself. I am gonna be brave and I will do a bunch of things that scare me, but which are also going to help me and my life, moving forward. Since then, I went to see Michelle Obama and I learnt that the phrase I was looking for is: ‘I needed to Michelle up’. So, I moved to another country, I met and talked to one of my idols and I became a Human Rights Speaker. And let me tell you, that the hardest part was, teaching my first class. It was one … Continue reading Thank you P!nk

I wish that girls embrace their power

I’m grateful if I kept one girl from feeling different or ugly or un-empowered. I wish that girls embrace their power and their worth and their value in their youth and not sell it or barter it away for anything and then have to buy it back later in life. I wish for women to stop apologising for those very things that make us women. I wish to be remembered for my humour and my passion and above all, my ability to go from angel to asshole in 3.5 seconds but always for something I truly believe in. I will … Continue reading I wish that girls embrace their power

Venue for queer women in London

“I was sick of settling with what we had,” says founder Teddy Edwardes, “which was not a lot.” Now, it will have a permanent home with a capacity of 350, resident DJs, live music, performances and an outside garden. It will be open three nights a week – for now – with more added as attendance grows.  With very little space in the world for queer women, non-binary and trans folk to embrace their sexuality, and the double whammy of misogyny and homophobia to beware of, safety is paramount.  Keenly aware of this, DJ Nadine Artois (whose pronouns are they/them) set … Continue reading Venue for queer women in London

timothée chalamet in conversation with harry styles:

the hottest actor on the planet interviewed by music’s most charismatic popstar H: Thinking about where the world’s at today, do you feel a responsibility as an actor to represent a new form of masculinity on screen? The concept of masculinity has changed so much since we were growing up… T: You know what’s really funny, I was going to ask you a version of that question but I worried it would be giving myself too much credit to think I could make a change like that. But, if you are giving me that license then I would say absolutely. … Continue reading timothée chalamet in conversation with harry styles: